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Learn how he takes thoughts, turns then into concepts, and then into the moving stories he tells through his music. Watch for his BRD signature here and throughout the site for specific stories and statements directly from Billy Ray Deiz!

Latest Releases

Angel from Montgomery

Bridge over Troubled Water

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Billy Ray Deiz Freedoms Call CoverFreedom’s Call EP

  1. Freedom’s Song – Look out my Window! (4:11)
  2. Workin’ (4:05)
  3. Rollin’ (4:02)
  4. Three Days Gone – Almost Home (3:32)
  5. Gimme Cracked Corn (3:39)
  6. Freedom’s Song – Instrumental Sound Track (4:11)

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Daddy’s Comin’ Home

I loved to perform this in public with my old band. This version includes some of Nashville’s top musicians with George Marinelli of the Bonnie Raitt band giving that smashing lead guitar solo in the middle. It was written as a tribute to our warriors coming home from the battlefield, who have been gone a long time and who find that things may have changed at home! BRD

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Freedom’s Song – Look out my Window!

Straight Outa Portland! Inspired by my Homies in NWA and the powerful message of Straight Outa Compton, I have come up with what I feel could become an R&B Classic: Freedom’s Song–Look Out My Window. This song speaks truth to power at a time that our nation is in crisis, and we did the entire production right here in Portland, Oregon!  BRD

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Freedom’s Song – Instrumental Soundtrack

Freedom’s Song‘s message is powerful – and so is the music. We have a critical need to reclaim our societal freedoms. I released an instrumental version to allow access to the television and movie industries. What better way to tell the story, than to have the music permeate throughout our culture?  BRD

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Gimme Cracked Corn – Vocal

Gimme Cracked Corn – Instrumental Soundtrack

This is another song from my musical about Jesus. In the original and familiar children’s song, it is “my master has gone away.” In my jazzy version, “this time, my Master’s going to stay.” This is to herald that the resurrected Jesus will never leave us alone, and that He will, in fact, return one day to claim His children, He’s going to stay!  BRD

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Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith comes from a rock musical I am writing about Jesus as seen through the eyes of two teen-age disciples: a brother and a sister. They come from a very wealthy family and their Dad is dead set against them spending time with this “rabble-rouser.” This song opens Act II after the Crucifixion and is sung by an Angel to comfort them as they sleep.  BRD

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Mighty Girl – Vocal

Mighty Girl – Instrumental Soundtrack

Ah, yes – the girl who broke your heart! The one who you just can’t seem to shake. That girl “was mighty.” I love the way congas come in with the Hammond B-3 right at the top. Kevin Hahn in Portland plays the cool fender guitar solo in the middle and some very bad cats in Nashville added their licks.  BRD

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Rather Have Sooner

Rather Have Sooner was a favorite of my old band, Dreamland Cafe. The love I have for my wife Judy inspired me to write it. Whenever we played this at clubs, folks naturally got up and started dancing! Stellar producer Clifford Goldmacher assembled a team of some of Nashville’s finest for the session. Jim Hoke in Nashville added the great horn section which makes this arrangement so special. Those tasty guitar licks are by George Marinelli of the Bonnie Raitt band. Classic R&B.  BRD

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This is my ultimate break-up song. He has HAD IT with her fooling around; with her treating him like dirt. And rather than get violent, he’s doing the sensible thing: putting distance between him and her! And he is happy! That “bee-atch” is now OUT of his life for good and he is literally movin’ on. He is ROLLIN’!

When Stuart Epps in London heard Rollin’, he offered to do a complete remix and remaster, and to add backing vocals, including those of his wife! With his work with Elton John and George Harrison as reminders, I was quick to bring him on board and let him work his magic. The result? One of my favorite country-flavored songs. A great road song!  BRD

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Three Days Gone

Three Days Gone (Almost Home) is the full title. This song is an anti-war poem; the tale of a “lost patrol.” They fought valiantly and are on their way home from the battlefield when an unwanted and surprise ambush takes them out to a man. They never make it home to their families. The reality of war is tragic, that is why it should only be fought as a last resort, never as a first option!  BRD

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Workin’ is my tribute to all of those parents who are working so hard these days to make ends meet, feeling like they are treading water “with no raise in pay.” It was inspired by my chance meeting with a real-life, long haul trucker who told me his story of long days and nights on the road, missing family times and even, at times, “missing Christmas.” All to keep his family afloat. Soul-flavored Country. BRD

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