About Freedom Fyters

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Straight Outta Portland!

Billy Ray Deiz is a Freedom FyterInspired by my Homies in NWA and the powerful message of Straight Outta Compton, I have come up with what I feel could become an R&B Classic: “Freedom’s Song–Look Out My Window.” This song speaks truth to power at a time that our nation is in crisis, and we did the entire production right here in Portland, Oregon!

Why the Y?

When crisis occurs, we tend to ask why. We ask to seek knowledge, but we also ask to seek solutions. I chose the letter Y as a way to represent a fork in the road, allowing us to question the direction being taken. It is important to me to fight for what is right.

Why “Freedom Fyters?”

Freedom is also very dear to me as an artist. The freedom to explore and try new, creative ways to express myself musically. Through this creative freedom, I hope to brighten our land with my music.

If you feel an inkling to be free, join us here on our website, FreedomFyters.org. Engage with us on Facebook, and join our movement for a better America through free expression and the music that binds us together in love.

Freedom’s Song: Layers and Layers

We starting with a basic hip hop beat. Then, working with the maestro Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio, we built layer upon layer of sound as we started formulating Freedom’s Song. The strategy was to support my lead vocal, starting with electric piano, then Hammond B-3 played by me, and then rhythm and fantastic Stratocaster lead guitar and bass parts played by Kevin.

I also created the horn parts and we are talking truth to power with touches of Isaac Hayes and Santana for the discerning, and a sound that rivals my L.A. band, The Seven Souls.

Your Choice. Your Style.

We have released two versions of the song Рan instrumental soundtrack with no vocals Рgreat for film or TV Рand the song itself with my lead vocal over the amazing soundtrack.

So plug in those earphones and listen. I predict this song will be sweeping the bright streets of Compton and Watts and all over the country, blasting from car stereos from freedom-lovers everywhere.


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