Freedom’s Call EP
From Billy Ray Deiz


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Billy Ray Deiz

So here it is: life’s great paradox. The true meaning of life. It doesn’t matter if you are ready for this, ready to believe this, or not. But, as a reporter, well into my 70th year of life (nearly seven decades on this earth!) here is what I have discovered along the way. This is [...]

Wow. Watching C-Span, most of the audience at the Republican National Convention was not just white, but they were also very old! This gives me a startling ray of hope: these delegates won't be around much longer! It is, in fact, their last stand in a fast-changing America where young people do not share their distorted values; [...]

John Edwards was right about the two Americas. There is a dark and evil underbelly to this nation that manifests in these violent confrontations by white police officers with peaceable Black men. My scariest stop ever was in Bel Air near Beverly Hills by a white police officer, who was acting alone, when I was [...]

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