Freedom Calling

Billy Ray Deiz Freedoms Call CoverWow. Watching C-Span, most of the audience at the Republican National Convention was not just white, but they were also very old!

This gives me a startling ray of hope: these delegates won’t be around much longer! It is, in fact, their last stand in a fast-changing America where young people do not share their distorted values; where California now has more people of color in its population than white folks, yes, where whites are now a minority for the very first time.

Freedom is Calling!

These old guard Republicans represent a racist and a terrible past, and I look at a future in which people of color, and good folks who are white, join together and create the America that Martin Luther King envisioned, where we are judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skins.

Watching the Democratic Convention I was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama. She took the high road with her speech and reminded her audience that America is still the greatest country in the world, despite our many problems. She reminded listeners that she and her family wake up every morning in a White House that was built by slaves, a remark that received an ovation from those present.

It was a symbol of how far we have really come when our very first African-American First Family can aspire to the highest office in the land, where President Obama is seen not only as a leader in this country but has inspired people around the world with the depth and breadth of his leadership.

What the Trumps of the world probably don’t realize is that America is still a symbol to the world of how diverse peoples can come together and govern; how we can change our leadership through the exercise of the vote, through the ballot, and not with bullets.

Michelle Obama reminds us that there is a wonderful spirit evident in the American people, that fear and divisiveness are not the way to a better world, that by working together we can accomplish great things.

She also pointed out another barrier that can fall. The cracks in the glass ceiling that have kept women from the highest office in the land can finally be pushed through; pushed so that the glass ceiling is shattered completely, as we elect the first woman President in America’s history, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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